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Born on September 11, 2004

I like trains specifically the Chicago and Northwestern.
I have built a large layout in my basement.
This is the web page that shows my friends and my layout.

The train above is my first attempt at a "Train GIF". There is a lot of info around the net on drawing and displaying the drawing. This one is nothing more than a clip art that I found on the internet somewhere and "repainted" it with
If you are viewing this and the train is not on the track hit refresh and the images should line up.

My latest project has been my G-scale layout that is outside my house. I have posted pictures and have some you-tube videos that have links under Pauls>My Gscale. Below is a shot of me by the trestle with a GP7 waiting to go.

I try to run the g-scale layout from 2-4pm on Sunday Afternoons. Stop by and visit if you have the time.

We have a group locally that meets on Tuesday nights. We call ourselves Tuesday Nights Trains(TNT). I call the guys "The Usual Suspects". The group takes the "Round Robin" approach to meeting. At the end of each month we decide what we are going to do and where we are going to meet the next month. We divide our time between "operating" and "working" on each others layout. Our meetings take the "Vegas" approach. What is said there stays there.

All of the layouts(except 1) use Digitrax DCC control systems to run the layouts. A couple use the radio throttles and the rest are all hard wired. Currently three of the layouts use the JMRI software to program DCC controllers and to operate switches. Two of the layouts use the BDL168 Detectors to detect trains. Both also use the SE8C light controller to control the signals.
My layout uses the BDL168 detectors. I recently switched over to the SE8C controller for the lights. The layouts that use the SE8C employ a java script to run the lights through the JMRI software. For a copy of the script just E-mail me and I will send it to you.

I am currently working on updating and revamping layout pictures. I am going away from the old slideshow and using a new(to me) one. I have the pictures done under Paul's>My layout. I hope to update the rest this winter.

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Thanks For looking!

The Usual

This photo was taken in Bob's basement February 2011.
Front Row is Glen, Gene, Mike, and Al
Back Row is Me, Bob, Jim And Ron.
Missing Are Ryan and Eric.
These are my Train Buddies.

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